The rise of the roving golfer?

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Demand for golf has soared in the past 14 months, following the initial COVID pandemic lockdown. Some golf clubs have reported an 150% increase in demand for golf. However, of late there has been an abundance of evidence regarding traditional golf club membership’s becoming less popular to golfers aged between 30-45.

There are several reasons for this demise in popularity and although many golf clubs are under pressure to change their offerings; we think this is a result of a cultural shift towards an appetite for greater flexibility.

Research shows that golfers aged between 30-45 find it hard to balance between work, family, and golf. This combined with fixed membership fees makes it hard to justify a high monthly outlay of £100+ a month when it is quite possible that you might only play once or twice a month.

In coming – the nomadic golfer?

There are number of reasons why nomadic golfers are on the rise. People are travelling more for leisure and business (move over COVID), they are relocating more regularly for careers or education and with friends/family sprinkled around the country it makes sense that golfers are looking for greater flexibility.

A golfer wants to be able to play golf when they visit their friends or relatives; play golf whilst working away with colleagues or simply have that appetite to try new courses. This shifting evaluation of golf membership has transpired through a demanding schedule as well as a changing mind set in golfers.

That is not to say there are no benefits to a one course golf membership. Of course, there are. But for a few generations of golfers who are running around the world for pleasure, leisure & business – a flexible ‘play where & when I want to play’ approach does make sense.

This is where Sportingclass Golf Club comes into play.

There are a number of quality flexible membership solutions out there, that cater for a variety of budgets. At Sportingclass our focus is on providing access to premium golf courses around the UK (and the World).

Our goal is to provide our members memorable experiences on the course, and we work with several the top venues in the world. The Sportingclass Golf Club membership truly provides you access and flexibility to play when and where you want, whilst also saving you money with our preferential rates.

For our members, the luxury of having the choice of first-class courses around the country that they can meet friends, family & colleagues at – is the perfect golf membership.

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