Hospitality on the golf course is the best way to cultivate business & entertain clients…

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It has been a bleak year. We all know that. The list of downsides of lockdown is never-ending.

Second to that though, is the detrimental effect on businesses from lack of face-to-face meetings, sales conferences, meetings, sports hospitality, dinners, lunches and basically all the things we took for granted as our limitless list of business sales tools!

Hopefully, many of these things will be back on the table from the Summer onwards and this will be a massive boost for people emotionally as well as from a business stance.

Although traditional sports hospitality is an excellent way to thank clients and colleagues; they are not always the perfect platform to chat through proposals as quality ‘business time’ is often limited or diluted. Not so with Golf.

Golf, be it a 2-ball, 4-ball, a team at an event or a bespoke company day, can offer everything you need to entertain, meet new clients, grow existing relationships, and generally network within your industry.

The very nature of golf allows you the flexibility to create the day you want from a simple four-ball to a team at an event or your own bespoke day. Unlike most sports hospitality where you must work around the main event – in golf, you are the main event.

At any of the above variations in your day you will be able to spend one-to-one time with clients throughout the whole day in a relaxed environment and healthy environment. Never underestimate the power of ‘the feel-good factor’ which golf gives. Having clients and colleagues out in the fresh air, with no time restrictions, phone calls or pressure is a powerful asset to forging successful relationships.

And it is not just corporate entertaining that golf is good for.

This year many businesses are continuing with a work from home policy which can jeopardise team spirit, morale, and colleague interaction. A golf day with ample social time before and after the first & last ball are hit is the ideal way to bring teams together, create unity and optimism.

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Golf really is a different ball game. It is a game changer.
We think the future of golf entertainment is looking stronger than ever.


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