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We are really very excited to announce the formal opening of the new Sportingclass Exchange.

A Members-only Club designed to be very personal and interactive  – designed for busy senior business people.
We will always be on hand to speak to you- regarding who YOU may like to meet at one of our events and will do our best to accommodate this.
The Exchange is designed to be the ultimate business generating platform, specifically for entertaining, networking and meeting new clients. A membership gives you and one guest entrance to a minimum of five networking events a year.

More to the Membership than the networking events! You will also have; Membership to M Den; Access to our exclusive 24/7 lifestyle & concierge service powered by Insignia; Membership to AVIS Presidents Club & Membership to Sportingclass Golf Club as well as a seriously good Welcome Pack.

For more information, and to sign up in time for our spectacular launch event at the Tower of London please email Andy Lee –
Please visit the Sportingclass Exchange Website here


Tom Shiner

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